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Alfardan Automobiles curates a bespoke collection of BMW 7 Series for the Qatari Market

The BMW Individual Collection enables customers to customise and personalise their own BMW

Alfardan Automobiles (AFA), Qatar’s official importer of BMW Group vehicles, is expecting the arrival of a custom collection of BMW 7 Series Sedans in August, curated specially for the Qatari market.

Uniquely developed, the vehicles consist of BMW 730Li, 740Li, and 750Li models, and reflect BMW’s most sought-after paint works. Striking colours include Atlantis Blue, Daytona Velvet, Brilliant White, Frozen Black, Melbourne Red, Macadamia, Peridot Green and Twilight Purple.

Inspired by the unique taste of the Qatari market, this collection underlines the utility of the BMW Individual Collection, a specialised service that allows prospective clients to customise a BMW of their choice.

From the selection of the materials to the design elements such as colours and shape, customers can now personalise and customise their BMW in a way that reflects their own personal style.

The bespoke initiative ensures that the paint finishes on each vehicle are also the benchmark in terms of depth and brilliance: their luminosity changes depending on the angle of incident light.

Ayman Berjawi, Sales Manager of Alfardan Automobiles said, “At Alfardan Automobiles we believe our customers have the right to more choices. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a range of options.”

“Therefore, this unique BMW 7 Series collection and BMW’s Individual Collection service, gives car buyers the chance to have to find the perfect vehicle, suiting their individual character perfectly.”

A master-of-performance, the BMW 7 Series Sedan stands for self-assured presence, exceptional performance, and maximum comfort.

To learn more about Al Fardan’s Automobiles bespoke BMW 7 Series collection visit:

For more information on how to customize your BMW with BMW Individual Collection, please visit:

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