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Alfardan Sports Motors, The Official Importer of Ferrari in Qatar, has welcomed the Ferrari Purosangue to Qatar’s luxury SUV market through a private preview held at the Ferrari Qatar showroom. The first-of-its-kind four-seat, four-door masterpiece embodies Ferrari's GT sports car aesthetics with its exquisite design, unmatched comfort, and unwavering performance, redefining exclusivity across the region’s automotive landscape.

The Purosangue's aerobridge-inspired appearance is distinguished by slender sides that form a dihedral shape and end in a dynamic rear. The wheel-arch trim treatment adds a second visual layer, creating a sense of a floating coupe. When the front and back doors are opened together, the interior's design displays a spaciousness that defies expectations, while keeping the roof's dimensions compact.

At the rear end, two convergent scoops and vents are bounded by a horizontal cut line encompassing the taillights, and large rear wings and a broad, striking diffuser add to the sporty image of the vehicle. The car's profile is defined by the slanted windshield, the A-pillar arches flowing into the rear spoiler, and the characteristic peaks on the rear screen.

A new feature introduced in Ferrari vehicles is the HDC (Hill Descent Control), which assists drivers in maintaining and controlling the car's speed on steep descents. The system adjusts the Purosangue’s braking to prevent exceeding the set rate, with the option to override using the accelerator pedal.

For the first time in the Prancing Horse’s history, the Purosangue boasts four separate and independently adjustable seats, integrating comfort-focused components and variable density foams for maximised occupant enjoyment. The backseats can also be adjusted and reclined, allowing for extensive luggage capacity when raked forward.

The Ferrari Purosangue is a testament to meticulous design and exceptional craftsmanship, combining 75 years of leading research and automotive expertise. It offers unmatched space and comfort for a Ferrari four-seater, resembling an elegant and sporty lounge. The dual-cockpit dashboard concept extends to the rear, creating four distinct areas in terms of functionality, volumes, materials, and colours. The wraparound forms and upholstered volumes generate a sense of spaciousness, while comfort-related controls are conveniently located in the central section of the dash.

With its sleek and athletic exterior, the Ferrari's unique selling point among other four-door, four-seater cars is the mid-front-mounted, naturally aspirated V12 engine. The spacious, luxurious cabin combines speed and agility with ample room, while the central intake of the Ferrari cools the condenser for the air conditioning circuit and the V12's oil and coolant radiators ensure optimal cabin temperatures.

Owners can strike the perfect balance between comfort and performance through a wide range of optional equipment and personalisation choices. Notably, owners can opt for a full-length electrochromic glass roof, providing the choice between direct sunlight shining through the car or shade. The vehicle also features the Burmester® High-End Surround Sound System, delivering an immersive audio experience while driving.

Environmental sustainability remains Ferrari's priority, and the luxury manufacturer has promised an extensive use of sustainable materials throughout the Purosangue’s interiors – including recycled polyester for the fabric roof-lining, carpets made from recycled fishing nets, and a special version of Alcantara® derived from post-consumer recycled polyester.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Tarek Al Hammoud, General Manager for Ferrari Qatar at Alfardan Sports Motors said: “Alfardan Sports Motors is pleased to reveal the highly anticipated Ferrari Purosangue in Qatar, which represents the beginning of a new era in the region's automotive industry. The debut of the Ferrari Purosangue SUV redefines luxury and performance by seamlessly fusing power, comfort, and versatility, setting a new standard for control behind the wheel. We are very proud to welcome the latest in Ferrari’s impressive line-up of vehicles and look forward to delivering increased automotive excellence to our customers in Qatar”

Mr. Al Hammoud added: “The Ferrari Purosangue is a true embodiment of the Maranello legacy and sets a new benchmark in the luxury SUV segment, combining Ferrari's iconic design, extraordinary performance, and unparalleled comfort for a uniquely authentic driving experience.”


Ferrari's commitment to client service is exemplified by the 7-Year Genuine Maintenance program offered with the Purosangue, covering all regular maintenance for the first seven years or 120,000 km of the car's life. This exclusive service ensures peak performance and safety for Ferrari owners, backed by the brand's unrivalled quality standards.


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