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AMG Brand Ambassador Visits World’s First AMG Store in Dubai

The world’s first ever AMG store in Dubai hosted none other than, AMG’s Brand Ambassador. The world-renowned American musician was welcomed by Martin Schulz, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East, Krishan Bodhani, Vice President & Director of Sales & Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East and Ivo A. Kapitzki, General Manager of Gargash Enterprises, Mercedes-Benz’s longstanding partner in Dubai and Northern Emirates of the UAE.

The AMG store defines new standards for retailing in an exclusive and premier lifestyle atmosphere. The pioneering concept store sets a new benchmark for the AMG brand experience in Dubai, offering a unique lifestyle experience to customers that includes an AMG vehicle showroom and lifestyle accessories as well as F&B outlets such as the AMG Café. was greeted to a first-hand immersive experience of the future of performance luxury, which is what Mercedes-AMG stands for.

According to, AMG combines both speed and performance, making it the world’s leading luxury automotive brand. Fans of both Mercedes-AMG and will have exciting developments to welcome as part of this partnership.

Krishan Bodhani, Vice President & Director of Sales & Marketing - Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East, said “’s visit to the AMG store provides a glimpse into the kind of luxury lifestyle experience customers will be greeted with at this first-of-its-kind store. The AMG store is unrivaled in the way that it helps customers interact with our top-end line-up. It is performance luxury at its best, and defines a new benchmark of luxury retail in the world.”

Ivo A. Kapitzki, General Manager of Gargash Enterprises said, “It brings us great joy to have been able to host during his inaugural visit to the world’s first AMG store. It was very heartwarming to see someone who shares our passion for AMG enjoy all the technology and experiences on display and we hope to see him again soon.”


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