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Auto Class Cars presents the sporty and luxurious Lynk & Co cars in its showroom on Salwa Road

Lynk and Co, a luxury Chinese-European automotive company, presented a selection of its modern cars in Qatar in partnership with Auto Class Cars, a subsidiary of Nasser Bin Khaled Group in Qatar, marking a new valuable addition to its portfolio.

The Lynk & Co cars are available now at Auto Class Cars showroom on Slawa Road in Doha. Its lineup comprises a diverse range, including sedans, sporty cars, mid-sized SUVs, and luxurious SUVs, including the 01 Louder Pro, 03+, 05 Hyper Halo, and the epitome of luxury, the 09 Ultra SUV. The company offer 5 years warranty and 5 years free service for all new buyers.

Frank Zauner, General Manager, Auto Class Cars said: “At Auto Class Cars, we are pleased to partner with Lynk&CO to become the company's authorized general distributor in Qatar. Under the patron NBK Group, LYnk & Co will offer unique options to customers who want to drive the latest luxury cars that combine luxury, strong performance, European design along with innovative and advanced technology at the highest safety standards. Lynk & Co is the perfect vehicle that meets the aspirations of new generations and reflects their unique personality.”

Lynk & Co, born in 2016, has achieved remarkable growth and progress in record time, establishing itself as a premium brand poised to reshape the automotive sector. It's not just another car manufacturer; but a brand that continually challenges the boundaries of innovation. The Chinese-owned company carries the European genetics of car manufacturing. The values of the company are to present luxury efficient power terrain with European technology. It is the perfect combination of high performance, luxury and safety.

Lynk & Co was created for urbanites who share a spirit of openness, bringing together elements from both Eastern and Western automotive cultures. Lynk & Co stands out as a beacon of innovation, meeting the demands of a new generation of drivers and empowering them to embrace the new era and enjoy a quality-driven lifestyle.

01 louder Pro

The LYNK&CO 01 Louder Pro 2023 is an FWD SUV car that is equipped with a 2 L engine, 4 Cylinders and 218 horsepower. The transmission is 8-speed automatic, the fuel economy is 14.9 KM/L.

In terms of entertainment and technology, this car is fitted with a USB Connection, CD, AUX, Bluetooth, Premium Sound System, Wireless Charging Pad, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Drive Mode Select, Radio And 10 Speakers.

In the Interior, it has Sports leather-cooled Seats, Power Seats and lumbar Control. Safety is a priority: Blind Spot Sensor, Alarm System, Lane Departure Warning, Stability Control Traction Control, Brake Assist, Hill Assist System and much more.

03 T5 EVO

03 T5 EVO is a high-performance premium sedan, equipped with advanced chassis tuning, independent suspension and high-performance brakes.

The car is equipped with a drive-E 2.0TD EVO turbo engine. The maximum output power is 265hp / 195kw. While the acceleration from 0 to 100 is 5.7 s. With string speed and excellent performance, 03 will provide you with the ultimate experience.

It has a golden Armor design, and the “+” symbol represents a winner’s gene that highlights its uniqueness. The exterior is distinguished with Bilateral four exhausts, energy cube LED rear lights, and a full carbon fibre aero pack.

The Lynk & Co 03 interior design is a perfect blend of advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship, with sleek lines and premium materials. The car Integrates more than 20 advanced driving assistance functions, ensuring your safety at all times.

05 Hyper Halo

The LYNK&CO 05 Hyper Halo 2023 is an AWD SUV car that is equipped with a 2 L engine, 4 Cylinders and 254 horsepower. The transmission is 8-speed automatic and has a fuel economy of 14.2 KM/L.

In terms of entertainment and technology, this car is fitted with a USB Connection, Bluetooth, Premium Sound System, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Drive Mode Select And 10 Speakers.

In the Interior, drivers and passengers can enjoy a 12.3 inches HD digital instrument cluster, 12.7 inches touchable centre stack

Similar to the other cars, safety is no compromise, with features including Safety Blind Spot Sensor, Lane Departure Warning, Stability Control, Built-in 360 Camera and many other functions that keep you safe.


The Lynk & Co 09 Ultra is a luxury sports utility vehicle with 5 doors and a front-mounted powerplant which delivers its power through all four wheels. The engine is a turbocharged petrol, 2 litre, double overhead camshaft 4 cylinder with 4 valves per cylinder. It produces 251 bhp (254 PS/187 kW) of power at 5500 rpm, and maximum torque of 350 N·m. The engine supplies its power to the wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission, with a maximum speed stated as 215 km/h or 134 mph. Its stated kerb weight is 2120 kg.

The luxury SUV occupies 7 seaters, and offers seat ventilation and Massage, driver seat memory function, genuine leather steering wheel, LED AMBIENT LIGHT and much more.

Its design is captivating, with a panoramic canopy, front door acoustic glass, adaptive front-lighting system, and roof tails.

All the Lynk & Co cars will be available at Auto Class Cars and Lynk & Co pavilion at the Geneva International Motor Show Qatar and in the showroom of Auto Class Cars on Salwa Road in Doha.


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