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The Batur is more than just a glimpse of Bentley’s future design. It will be a significant step towards the way future Bentleys will be made, using the planet-friendly materials and techniques needed for a more sustainable vision of luxury.

Bentley’s Colour, Materials and Finishes team turned to the exploration of the cosmos for their inspiration in creating these specifications, utilising space-era materials and finishes to reflect the idea of a journey of exploration.

Carbon fibre is known for its incredible balance of strength with low weight – but it is not a sustainable material. New, natural alternatives to carbon fibre are now possible using high-performance composites. Immensely strong and incredibly light, this material has proved suitable for use throughout the Batur.

Where leather is used, it will be sustainably sourced, thanks to a production process that uses less water and aldehyde than traditional tanning. There will also be the option to select traceable, low-CO₂ leather – something that is only possible today in the very low volumes involved in coachbuilding. Sustainable, leather-like textiles made from by-products of the coffee roasting process can even be selected, as can carpets made from recycled yarn. A wealth of innovative new finishes are available for the Batur. From hallmarked 18-karat yellow gold crafted using additive manufacturing, to aerospace-inspired titanium, and the composites and textiles detailed above, choices like these only add to the immense range of leathers, woods and other options. To offer some inspiration for customers, a number of examples have been created that demonstrate what is possible at this level of bespoke commissioning.

Theme One - Nebula

A bold specification pushing firmly towards a high performance-focused feel with dramatic contrasts of black against vivid greens on the exterior and interior. ‘Wasabi’ exterior paintwork ensures that this spectacular specification will ensnare the attention of onlookers everywhere it goes. Those who look closer will see a sleek Gloss Black Crystal finish on the natural fibre body kit, adding a reflective, deep black’ edge to the car’s profile.

Inside, the roles of the green and black are reversed, with a stunning ‘guitar fade’ across the laser-etched fascia, from gloss black to gloss carbon fibre.

Theme Two - Supernova

This stellar specification pairs smouldering Sunbeam paintwork with a high-impact interior – all to devastating effect. Atlantic Pearl Crystal detailing to the body kit adds contrast to the stunning exterior.

The cabin is upholstered with a vibrant combination of Indigo Night, Beluga, Ceramic Glaze and Hyperactive, making this the only theme to have a four-colourway interior. On the laser-etched fascia, meanwhile, a stunning fade from gloss black to gloss Natural Fibre completes the picture and also includes a full titanium pack with machined detailing around the cabin.

Theme Three - Hyperspace

This specification has been designed to evoke a sense of speed, even when the car is at a standstill. A deep metallic Daybright Blue exterior feature is contrasted by St James Red accents to the grille, the body kit and the brake calipers – a sports-inspired theme that hints at the power of the engine that lies in wait beneath the gleaming bonnet.

Inside, the rich darkness of the hides, fascias and fabrics is punctuated only by stripes of searing Pillar Box Red and the 18-karat gold Bentley Dynamic Drive Selector and ‘12 o'clock' steering wheel centre band.

Theme Four - Dark Matter

The dark silver sheen of the duo-tone Fine Brodgar and Black Crystal paintwork blends seamlessly with the titanium detailing of the tailpipe finishers in this sleek, sophisticated specification. A closer look, however, reveals a spark of Cyber Yellow – adding an edge to the lower body kit and the underside of the spoiler.

The interior is upholstered in sumptuous Burnt Oak hides and encircle in a stunning ring of smooth, gloss graphene. The toned-down interior graphic is further interplayed with Black Anodised Aluminium details and Beluga Black accents.

The Art of Commissioning

Today, Mulliner operates as Bentley’s personal commissioning division, delivering everything from bespoke modifications to coachbuilt cars. It offers an exclusive, face-to-face service for customers who demand the rarest and most exquisite vehicles, often co-designing features and finishes to suit the unique tastes of the individual.


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