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BMW ALPINA XB7 brings first-class adventures to Qatar

Alfardan Automobiles proudly introduces ALPINA’s first Sports Activity Vehicle to the Qatari market, the new BMW ALPINA XB7. Based on BMW’s iconic X7 model line, the BMW ALPINA XB7 is set to provide first-class level adventure at warp-speed to the streets of Qatar.

Each detail of the new BMW ALPINA XB7 has been meticulously crafted to provide comfort and sensory delight. The exterior design emphasises power and presence, while improving both its form and aerodynamic properties and providing reduced aerodynamic lift for maximum high-speed stability.

The front bumper with large air intakes and free-floating ALPINA lettering is aerodynamically optimised to reduce uplift, planting the tyres firmly on the road. Large air intakes facilitate the effective flow of air to the performance ALPINA cooling system. At the rear the ALPINA sport exhaust system with double twin tailpipes is beautifully integrated into the design of the rear bumper, which features discrete, centrally located diffusor fins.

The generous interior features three rows of seats as standard, with the second row providing the flexible options of a rear bench with three seats or two comfortable individual captain’s chairs with integrated armrests.

Depending on the seating configuration, the luggage compartment provides capacity ranging from 1,476 to 2,560 litres. For more comfortable loading, the BMW ALPINA XB7 can be lowered by up to 51mm at the push of a button in the luggage compartment.

The power and torque produced by the performance ALPINA 4.4-liter V8 and the agility and handling capabilities of the ALPINA sport suspension place the XB7 firmly among the highest-performing Sports Activity Vehicles in the world.

Its state-of-the-art performance powertrain spawns the powerful and confident character, with linear and responsive power delivery across the entire engine range. The powerplant has been carefully calibrated to reflect the superior signature driving experience associated with the most-powerful ALPINA models throughout the company’s 55-year history.

Additionally, specially developed wheel and tyre combinations underscore the powerful, elegant appearance of the BMW ALPINA XB7 and are instrumental in offering impressive levels of grip and road holding, especially for a vehicle in this size category.

With an expressive presence, each detail of the new BMW ALPINA XB7's design conveys dynamic luxury. The powerful appearance is accentuated by a modern design language, elegant details and precise contours that draw attention to its generous dimensions. A standout member of Alfardan’s Automobiles BMW collection, the BMW ALPINA XB7 is sure to raise the pulses of thrill-seekers across Qatar.

To learn more about the BMW ALPINE XB7, visit or call 4420 8686.


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