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Exclusive insights into the interior of the new Mercedes-AMG SL

Performance Luxury with 2+2 seats and "hyperanalogue" cockpit

The interior design of the upcoming SL transforms the iconic tradition of the first 300 SL Roadster into the modern era. Thanks to its Mercedes-AMG performance genes, the new edition caters to the sporty target group as well as customers looking for maximum comfort. Fine materials, meticulous workmanship and attention to detail further underscore the high luxury standards in the interior. The cockpit design, right down to the adjustable central display in the centre console, is focused on the driver and impresses with a harmonious overall impression. The completely redesigned dimensional concept with 2+2 seats offers more function and space in the interior at the same time. The MBUX infotainment system offers a choice of several specific display styles and different modes.

The first 300 SL Roadster is one of the most famous automobile icons. Its minimalist and high-quality interior inspired the designers to create the interior for the new Mercedes-AMG SL. For the new edition of the icon, they created a mix of analogue geometry and digital world – called "hyperanalogue". A good example of this is the fully digital instrument cluster, which is integrated into a three-dimensional visor.

"The interior of the new Mercedes-AMG SL pampers driver and passengers with sophisticated luxury. The new SL combines the highest levels of comfort and quality in its interior, coupled with just the right amount of sportiness. The high-quality combination of analogue world and state-of-the-art digital equipment makes one thing clear: the new SL is the rebirth of an icon for the modern era," says Philipp Schiemer, Chairman of the Board of Management at Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

"The SL is an icon of the brand with the three-pointed star: This roadster has stood for automotive fascination and desire for decades. A great opportunity and challenge for design, because every designer wants to create icons," says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler Group. "The result is a revolutionary interior experience caught between digital and analogue luxury. We created the most iconic SL ever since, the luxury icon of the 20s."

The new, highly sophisticated dimensional concept once again allows a 2+2 seating configuration for the first time since 1989 (Mercedes SL model series R 129). This makes the new SL even more versatile. The rear seats increase everyday usability and offer space for people up to 1.50 metres tall. If the extra seating is not needed, a draught-stop can protect front seat passengers from draughts at the back of the neck. Or the second row of seats can be used as additional storage space to accommodate a golf bag, for example.

The wide choice of different covers for the sports or performance seats (optional for all variants) also reflects the range from comfortable to performance-oriented equipment. Customers can choose from single or two-tone nappa leather, particularly elegant nappa STYLE leather with diamond stitching, or the sporty combination of nappa leather with DINAMICA RACE microfibre and contrasting topstitching in yellow or red.

Aviation-inspired instrument panel

The symmetrical instrument panel is designed as a sculptural, powerful wing and structured into an upper and lower section. A highlight is the four newly developed, galvanised turbine nozzles. Their surfaces merge into the instrument panel in the form of powerful power domes. The lower section of the instrument panel evolves fluidly from the centre console, seamlessly connecting the two elements.

Despite symmetry, the cockpit design creates a clear focus on the driver: the instrument cluster's high-resolution 12.3-inch LCD screen is not designed to be free-standing, but integrated into a high-tech visor. This prevents reflections caused by sunlight.

Centre console with adjustable touchscreen

The centre console dominates the space between the driver and front passenger. Of maximum width and rising sharply towards the front, it flows into the lower section of the instrument panel. The functional and visual centre of the centre console is the metallic panel that breaks through the leather surfaces at the front and rear. Featuring the NACA air intake signature, it carries on the genes of the AMG GT and GT 4-Door Coupé. This design element thus becomes a hallmark AMG stylistic element in the interior. The NACA air intake transitions almost seamlessly into the 11.9-inch multimedia touchscreen in portrait format. To avoid reflections caused by sunlight when driving with the top down, this screen can be adjusted electrically into a more vertical position. Its portrait format offers clear advantages, especially for navigation, as well as more space ergonomically. The touchscreen floats between the two central turbine nozzles as a digital contrast to emotive design elements.

The door panels are integrated into the balance of the interior

Similar to the centre console, the surfaces in the doors also develop fluidly from the instrument panel. The result is a gradient accentuated with decorative topstitching that frames the entire interior and runs past the turbine nozzles at the sides. The centre of the door is designed as a sensual layered topography. The pull handle is also designed in the same way as the centre console and is another eye-catching feature. The materiality and modelling of the surfaces are repeated in the doors, creating balance in the interior. High-quality Burmester loudspeakers in real metal, whose perforation pattern also stands out visually, are integrated into the doors.

Sculptural seat design with integrated headrests

The avant-garde seat design of the new Mercedes-AMG SL serves to further develop the typical Mercedes sculptural seat design in a sporty way. It plays skilfully with layers and enveloping surfaces. This makes the seats appear lighter and less voluminous. The headrests are integrated into the backrest and thus contribute to the sporty proportions of the seat. Perfect ergonomics and various progressive seam and attachment patterns complete the symbiosis of high-tech, performance and luxury.

Intuitively operated and capable of learning: the latest-generation MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience)

Some functional content and the operating structure of the second-generation MBUX system correspond to those of the S-Class. They have been extensively supplemented or replaced by AMG-specific content and views. This makes the new SL highly independent in terms of communication and information. Menu items such as "Performance" or "Track Pace" emphasise the sporty character. The interior has become even more digital and intelligent, as hardware and software have been extensively enhanced. Brilliant images on the LCD screens make it easy to control vehicle and comfort functions.

The driver display and central display offer an aesthetically pleasing and holistically coordinated experience. The appearance of the instrument cluster can be personalised with different display styles and individually selectable main views.

The optional head-up display contributes to relaxed driving, as the driver does not need to take their eyes off the road. It displays relevant cues and actions three-dimensionally in the real driving situation and surroundings. Here you can also choose between several style variants - each matching the display in the instrument cluster. Depending on the equipment or personal taste, the Ambient Light frames the exclusive interior in 64 different colours.


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