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Global luxury automotive brand Genesis marked its official entry into China with a spectacular Brand Night held on April 2 at Shanghai’s International Cruise Terminal, where Genesis showcased its unique brand identity and design philosophy. With a stunning drone show titled the “Genesis of Genesis” sweeping over the Bund, Genesis signified its exceptional entry into the Chinese market.

“Today marks the beginning of another audacious chapter for Genesis,” said Jaehoon (Jay) Chang, Global Head of Genesis brand. “The Chinese market serves a critical role in the development of our global business, and we are very excited to present the next generation luxury for China.”

"We are excited to showcase our globally recognized products, Genesis G80 and Genesis GV80, known for the highest quality and distinctive design. We are driven by a purpose to design authentic relationships with Chinese customers. This is our promise and our differentiator in China to deliver meaningful and stress-free experiences," said Markus Henne, Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Motor China. "To do that, we will be implementing an all-new business model that will bring our commitments to life."

New Luxury Defined by a Unique Brand Identity and Design Philosophy

Genesis is a brand that aspires to make true positive impact in customers’ lives. With a fresh perspective, Genesis audaciously challenges expectations with its progressive attitude, and builds emotional bonds with customers based on new ideas in design and innovation. Genesis also desires to provide customers with a sense of thoughtful hospitality throughout the entire customer journey. More than an automotive brand, Genesis represents a lifestyle and an experience.

Every Genesis presents an intimate opportunity to explore the brand’s extraordinary vision. Genesis’ distinctive designs were showcased during a special Brand Night, which saw the unveiling of the Genesis G80, its mid-sized luxury sedan, and the Genesis GV80, the first SUV in its lineup. Defined by their symbolic Two Lines theme, both models are expressions of Athletic Elegance, Genesis’ design philosophy that strives to achieve the perfect balance between two opposing characteristics: athleticism and elegance. Inside the cabin, the “Beauty of White Space” philosophy is expressed through the harmony of personal space and state-of-the-art technology.

China-Tailored Strategy Provides an All-New Experience

Genesis intends to inspire its customers of what “new luxury” can be by addressing what the brand calls “Generation Genesis,” a generation with bold new perspectives in terms of style and everyday life, whose refined tastes in aesthetics and appreciation for distinctive designs resonate with Genesis’ brand spirit. To underline this, Genesis unveiled its brand manifesto, at the heart of which sits the "Genesis of You" message – the idea that every touchpoint with Genesis is designed to amplify customers’ confidence as they embark on new beginnings, break boundaries, and progress through their everyday endeavors.

Genesis is establishing an all-new business model for the Chinese market, aiming to design authentic relationships with Generation Genesis and deliver meaningful, stress-free experiences centered on providing a human touch, convenience, trust, and transparency. Genesis will gradually develop its presence in China through an omnichannel approach based on direct sales, supported by trusted agents and online sales.

Furthermore, Genesis will ensure that anyone who is interested in the brand receives the best possible one-on-one experience from a dedicated companion with the introduction of the Genesis Partner Concept. A transparent pricing model under the Genesis One Price Promise will be implemented to ensure a unified price across all sales channels. This unique and uncompromising brand experience will be enabled by the Genesis Digital Ecosystem.

A Focus on Brand Building and Designing the Genesis Experience

An essential part of the Genesis is lifestyle. Aesthetic ambition and a love for beautiful things are at the core of the brand. That is why Genesis is uncompromising towards design, and why the brand is open to collaboration in various fields where the Generation Genesis can be naturally met.

One of these forthcoming brand experiences will be held in collaboration with Shanghai Fashion Week and will offer an elevated and in-depth exploration of progressive luxury style through world-class fashion concepts. A comprehensive and touchable Genesis Experience will come to life at Genesis Studios, a luxury lifestyle oasis where people can experience our cars, the arts and culture, and our hospitality. The first Genesis Studio will launch soon in downtown Shanghai.

“Launching the brand in China represents a significant, perhaps the most important, new chapter in our brand’s history,” said Markus Henne, Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Motor China. “Genesis will focus on brand building in the early stages, and we will continue to reveal more highlights of how we plan to appeal to our Chinese audience. I am confident to deliver this promise, and I invite everyone to be a part of this journey."


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