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Hyundai Motor Company expands the presence of its high-performance N Brand models in the Middle East

Hyundai Motor Company expands the presence of its high-performance N Brand models in the Middle East and Africa

Hyundai Motor Company today unveiled its high-performance philosophy and ambition for sustainable driving fun at an event showcasing Hyundai’s N Brand for the Middle East and Africa.

The company showcased N Brand’s high-performance philosophy and highlighted its commitment to sustainable e-performance, giving a glimpse of the future direction for motorsport initiatives and how it will serve as a basis for upcoming N models.

N Brand was born out of Hyundai’s aim to create high performance vehicles that adhere to high standards of driving excellence while ensuring fun-to-drive as they are practical.

With technology inspired by motorsports, N Brand excels at delivering driving enthusiasm based on the three pillars of N ─ Corner Rascal, Everyday sports car, Racetrack Capability

Hyundai had recently rolled out the Veloster N, Kona N, Elantra N and Sonata N Line in Saudi Arabia.

Hyundai announced its plans to introduce N Brand models in other parts of the region and expand its line up with 3 N Brand models through 2022.

Bang Sun Jeong, Head of Hyundai Motor Company Middle East & Africa HQs, said: “We are thrilled to share the philosophy behind N Brand and our vision to be a leader in the high-performance category.

“The expansion of N Brand to the region will allow customers to experience the exhilarating feeling of the ‘fun to drive’ offering delivered, something which our customers are enjoying in Saudi Arabia and other markets.”

Since its inception in 2015, N Brand has been performing at the highest level offering exclusive engine performance and dynamic technology innovations to satisfy performance-oriented enthusiasts.

Till Wartenberg, Head of N Brand Management & Motorsport sub-division added: “Our goal with N Brand is to push the limits of performance and to help drivers discover how fun driving can be. We want them to do more than simply drive and enjoy every second of the driving experience. N models can carve corners on the racetrack and bring excitement to everyday driving. This is reflected with our new N Brand slogan ‘Never just drive’.”

The event highlighted the N DCT transmission, the enhanced version of Hyundai’s in-house developed 8-speed wet DCT. The transmission control unit is calibrated for N, resulting in faster shifting and enabling a range of exclusive driving features.

All N models have sportier exteriors, enhanced powertrains, track-ready suspension and exhaust notes while N Line models have sportier exterior and N inspired interior compared to the base models.

With the brand conception starting in Namyang, Hyundai’s R&D Center in Korea, the N also takes its name from Nürburgring, a famous racetrack in Germany where Hyundai hones its N technologies. The curves of the racetrack are the inspiration behind the N Brand logo.


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