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Hyundai Motor Company Wins Six 2020 Red Dot Design Awards

Hyundai Motor Company announced they have won six 2020 Red Dot Design Awards. The company took the ‘Best of the Best’ and five other awards in the Brand & Communication Design area this year.

The ‘Best of the Best’ under the Advertising category (subcategory Integrated Campaign) went to Hyundai’s brand campaign film ‘Second First Steps,’ which also secured a Winner under the Film & Animation category (subcategory Online Film). Hyundai also grabbed five Winners for ‘Hyundai’s Hi-Charger’ in the Interface & User Experience Design category, ‘Hyundai X BTS Goods’ in the Advertising category (subcategory Image Campaign), ‘Future Mobility Solutions Exhibition Hall’ in the Fair Stands category (subcategory Stands & Booths) and ‘FIFA World Football Museum’ in the Spatial Communication category (subcategory Event Design).

The ‘Second First Steps’ brand campaign film embodies Hyundai’s next-generation brand vision of ‘Progress for Humanity.’ It shows para-athlete and archer Jun-boem Park’s “second first steps” following those of his infancy, toward his mother, aided by Hyundai Motor’s H-MEX (Hyundai Medical Exoskeleton), a wearable robotics technology. The film underlines Hyundai’s philosophy centered on creating human-centered future technologies. As of August 4, the film has received more than 42 million views online.

The ‘Hi-Charger’ is an ultra-fast EV-charger unveiled by Hyundai Motor in November 2019. It offers 350 kw of high-power, high-efficiency charging technology with an innovative automated weight-free cable system that allows effortless connection between the charger and vehicle.

The ‘Hyundai X BTS Goods’ is a collection of six products including eco-friendly bags and key covers that commemorated 2020 Environmental Day as part of Hyundai’s ‘Global Hydrogen Campaign’ launched in January this year. Hyundai upcycled used car seat leather and recycled subway billboard materials as well as utilized eco-friendly Tyvek materials, delivering the company’s sustainable image.

The ‘Future Mobility Solution Exhibition Hall’ is a booth that Hyundai installed in its headquarters lobby earlier this year to allow employees and visitors to see a visualization of Hyundai’s future mobility vision, including its UAM, PBV and Hub concepts that were previously shown at 2020 CES. Through the exhibit, Hyundai shared its vision of facilitating ‘Progress for Humanity’, providing customers with the seamless freedom of mobility and differentiated mobility experiences.

The ‘FIFA World Football Museum’ was a sponsored public relations center operated by Hyundai Motor in downtown Paris during the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup. It welcomed about 28,000 visitors over 23 days, with its exterior walls made of airbags drawing many visitors’ attention. After the exhibition period, the exterior walls were recycled into eco-friendly bags, and donated to local communities.

“Winning multiple Red Dot awards in the Brand & Communication Design is a great honor and showcases that Hyundai’s sustainable and innovative approach is vetted by our customers and experts,” said Vice President Sungwon Jee, Creative Works, Customer Experience Division at Hyundai Motor Company. “Hyundai will continue its efforts to communicate with customers in creative and innovative ways.”

Previously, Hyundai won awards in Product Design starting with its first Red Dot Award for the 2012 i30 and has won multiple awards every year since 2018 in the Brand & Communication category.

Started in 1955, Red Dot Design Award is recognized as one of the three prestigious global design honors along with iF and IDEA. Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany hosts the awards every year, judging entries for Product Design, Brand & Communication, and Design Concept.


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