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More than ever before, drivers are opting for SUVs for more cargo space, commanding presence on the road, greater seating capacity, and traversing adventurous terrain. While durability is a key consideration for SUVs, style and cutting-edge design also influence the segment with the introduction of SUV Coupes. We highlight seven factors that make a case for the SUV coupe.

Room for more

SUV Coupes facilitate a greater seating capacity than stylish sedans and offer increased ride height for a better view of the road while maintaining the compact elements of a sedan, making them a perfect blend for drivers looking for a middle ground. Combining the stature and confidence of a crossover with the sleekness of a coupe, INFINITI has put that vision forward by merging the best elements of each in the QX55. The low fastback roofline makes the vehicle easy on the eyes, yet just as spacious as an SUV. With a dynamic interior space, the trunk is ideally sized and configurable for a shopping spree or stacking up desert essentials.

Comfortably compact

Parking can be a real challenge in densely populated cities, so opting for a SUV Coupe has an advantage – all that extra space, yet easy to control. The QX55’s compact exterior gives the driver the confidence to seamlessly park, while capitalizing on interior space. With standard front and rear parking sensors and a rear-view monitor for extra ease, or opt for the available Around View® Monitor with Moving Object Detection, ensuring all blind spots are covered.

Stay connected

In a busy world where access to work, friends, and family right at our fingertips is imperative, opting for an SUV Coupe with dual screen technology not only promotes safety, but also convenience while driving. With INFINITI’s QX55 InTouch™ dual display system, with upper 8-inch and lower 7-inch LCD touchscreen displays, drivers have access to all their smartphone’s features whether they carry an iPhone or Android, hands free ensuring work calls are taken with ease.

Thoughtful hospitality

Driver-centric, the INFINITI QX55 is smartly equipped with a power-sliding tinted glass sunroof, ergonomically designed front seats, dark aluminum interior trim accents, and available Bose® Series audio, creating a sense of serene empowerment by tuning out the hustle and bustle of the city. Immersing the passengers in tranquil transportation, the QX55 also offers climate-controlled front seats to take on polarizing temperatures.

Enhanced safety

Putting safety at the forefront, the QX55 and its dynamic twenty-inch wheels offer a traction control system, hill start assist, and brake assistance options, which ensure the car remains grounded, given that some roads in the Middle East tend to be challenging.

Make a statement

Expressive design and standing out from a crowd in a fast-paced city to maintain individuality is a real priority to some. INFINITI believes that while making a statement, luxury should be lived in. From seven captivating exterior colors, sport-inspired style culminating in its sleek fastback roofline on the exterior, to its performance-shaped design in the interior, the QX55 is a provocative statement of individuality and an ode to modern Japanese luxury.

Fuel efficient

While SUVs haven’t been synonymous with fuel efficiency in the past – today you will be surprised to learn that the fuel consumption of these models is quite reasonable. On the INFINITI QX55, for example, the fuel economy rating is “Excellent”, which is impressive considering the four-cylinder engine’s 268 horsepower output.


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