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  • Three women from Oman and England walked 758km through the harsh terrain of Oman’s Empty Quarter, backed by a pair of Land Rover Discovery support vehicles

  • Please watch the YouTube video here:

Demonstrating the Land Rover Discovery's class defining versatility and all-round capability, Land Rover recently supported a 'Journey of Discovery' as three intrepid women from Oman and England walked 758km through Oman’s gruelling Empty Quarter desert.

The 28-day, 758-kilometre adventure saw two Land Rover Discovery support vehicles carrying essential supplies for the team. The route commenced from Al Hashman in Dhofar and ended in Ibri Fort in Ad Dhahirah traversing through 758km of harsh terrain in the Empty Quarter.

The women’s team comprised of Janey McGill, who was the expedition leader, along with Omani nationals Baida Al Zadjali and Atheer Al Sabri. The expedition aimed to focus on how togetherness brings about the best in people regardless of gender, culture or identity differences and doing so while testing endurance and teamwork. It also presented Land Rover with the opportunity to empower women to come together, challenging stereotypes.

Salman Sultan, Head of Public Relations and Social Media, Jaguar Land Rover MENA said: “This expedition has shown Atheer, Baida, and Janey’s ability to endure tough situations in harsh climatic conditions and overcome them in the true spirit of Land Rover’s Above and Beyond ethos. It represents perfectly our brand’s heritage and its vision for empowerment, endurance, and achievement in the toughest environments, and was a fitting initiative for us to showcase the all-round capabilities of the Land Rover Discovery, which aided their journey.”

He added, “The Land Rover Discovery is a remarkably capable vehicle that was rightfully unleashed on this extraordinary journey. It can tackle any weather and any terrain with complete ease. This gruelling expedition crossed 758km over 28 days, and as we look ahead to International Women’s Day, we at Jaguar Land Rover salute the tenacity, capability, and spirit of togetherness that these women explorers have shown.”

To commemorate International Women’s Day, the journey has been documented through film to highlight the trio’s experiences while tackling the challenges faced on the expedition. Learning about each other to form strong bonds, they realised the only way forward was through unity and determination, surmounting all barriers along the way. The expedition tested the spirit of adventure, capabilities, and rugged qualities of these extraordinary women, all of which underpin Land Rover’s brand and heritage.


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