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Limitless Luxury, Boundless Adventure: An Exciting Road Trip through Qatar with the Defender 90, 110 & 130

For decades, the Defender has been a true icon of exploration and individualism. Recently, Qatar formed the backdrop to an exclusive luxury adventure road trip, which allowed guests to go further into the stunning landscapes and scenery that have shaped this country’s culture and history. This amazing experience was hosted by Alfardan Premier Motors Co., the official retailer of Jaguar Land Rover in the State of Qatar.


By exploring this incredible terrain from the privileged perspective of a Defender, guests were able to sample the special capabilities of this legendary vehicle, taking in desert tracks as well as other unforgettable paths off the beaten trail. A city drive also highlighted the urban capabilities of the emblematic Defender: the ideal companion for such a varied adventure, as a paragon of robust strength and go-anywhere versatility.


The invited guests took the Defender on a unique journey, starting from the JLR showroom at Burj Alfardan in Lusail city all the way to the Al Majles Resort: a luxury boutique resort next to the glittering coast. On the way, the captivating route took in a wide variety of roads over both highways and desert, showcasing the Defender’s broad scope of unstoppable capabilities.


As well as long-lasting memories, guests took away a dynamic experience that increased their knowledge and connection with the Defender: one of the four pillars that now makes up JLR’s ‘House of Brands’. More than an off-road vehicle, the Defender is an enduring icon; and this incredible journey through the rich heritage of Qatar highlights precisely why. The same values that underpin the Qatari way of life are also clearly present in the Defender: quality, trust, dependability, and a love of the great outdoors.


Guests were able to participate in several traditional activities during the experience, reflecting the fabric of local culture within a thoroughly modern declination. The past met the future on this latest journey through time and space with the Defender, in a way that perfectly reflects the story of Qatar itself: rooted in history yet looking eagerly towards what is to come. As a result, guests had the opportunity to create some stunning and unique content that pays tribute to the art of driving exploration and the ever-evolving scenery of Qatar.


Hussein Adra, Marketing & CRM Manager for Alfardan Premier Motors, commented: “We were very excited to be hosting this wonderful event, designed to enhance the emotional connection that people feel with the iconic Defender, and the incredibly diverse landscapes and culture of Qatar. There is no better environment to demonstrate the amazing capabilities of the Defender thanks to its advanced technology, which at the same time allows its occupants to travel in perfect comfort and enjoy unparalleled modern luxury.”


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