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Meet the Chevrolet 2020 SUV Line-Up

Chevrolet sits proudly at the head of the SUV family. The brand introduced the first-ever sports utility vehicle nearly a hundred years ago and, since then, it has only gotten bigger and better. Driven by ambition, Chevrolet goes big. Every time.

It’s no secret that car-buying consumer behavior is changing dramatically and according to the New York Times, SUVs commanded 70% of the market share in 2019. Earlier on, five of every 10 cars sold used to be a mid-size sedan; now that number is, on average, one out of 10.

This is a clear sign of changing consumer preference and luckily, for consumers, Chevrolet boasts one of the boldest and most advanced SUV line-ups in the brand’s 108-year history for adventurous drivers who go their own way and make their own rules.

From full-size trucks to modern crossovers, Chevrolet’s full family of SUV has something for everyone. Customers today demand the practicality of an SUV, however, they are not willing to compromise on styling and performance. Chevrolet has expended great effort in creating a range of SUVs that meet these requirements and more.

Taking centerstage is the all-new Chevrolet Captiva, an SUV that encompasses all of the brand’s global SUV experience while maintaining its position as one of the most affordable seven-seaters in its segment. With cutting-edge styling, versatile interior space and smart technologies, the Captiva encapsulates Chevrolet’s SUV philosophy, marking a new era for the nameplate in the Middle East.

More importantly, the 2021 Captiva addresses the varying needs of SUV buyers and is available in both five and seven-seat configurations. With smart technologies that ensure the driver is always in command, as well as a modern and potent power plant, the Captiva defies expectations of what an affordable, family SUV should be.

As we look at the wider Chevy SUV family, we have the Equinox. Lean and muscular, the Equinox is built from high-strength steel and boasts preventative and active safety features that can sense danger before you can.

Featuring radar, sensor and camera-based safety technologies that alert you to potential threats, the Equinox gives the driver full 360o awareness so they can act to avoid accidents altogether. It’s packed with technology and provides a stellar balance of performance and safety.

At launch, the Equinox innovated with new safety technologies including Safety Seat Alert, Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning and Rear Seat Reminder, making it a firm favorite for the modern young family.

But not every parent is willing to let go of the performance car they used to drive. Enter the Chevrolet Blazer…

Sleek, evocative, powerful – that’s all you need to know about the Blazer. Making its regional debut in 2019 on the stage of Arabs Got Talent, the Blazer embodies star power.

Demanding attention on the road, the Blazer takes styling cues from iconic performance models such as the Camaro and is designed for bold families who are looking to stand out, while not compromising on everyday usability and safety.

Turning heads with the roar of its engine, the Blazer delivers the perfect blend of performance and fuel efficiency, through intelligent stop/start technology that seamlessly shuts down the engine when power is not needed. It’s stunning and smart.

Naturally, in a region with a diverse mix of residents, the requirements for an SUV vary drastically too. For instance, some SUV drivers need more than performance or styling flourishes. With an armada of technology, the Traverse blends brains with brawn and delivers generously on that front. Large enough for the whole family, every seat is the best-in house-with thoughtful tech touches like USB ports for every row of seat – a tablet will never again go uncharged on a road trip!

Sitting at the heart of the Traverse is Chevrolet’s infotainment system, which supports Siri Eyes-Free, the latest in-vehicle voice recognition technology to offer seamless connectivity without having to take your hands off the wheel.

This brings us to the Tahoe, a firm favorite in the region. For generations this full-size SUV is cemented in the hearts of many, as a beloved family member, trusted bodyguard and member of the armed forces, first responder and even a movie star.

The Chevrolet Tahoe may be one of the most versatile vehicles in the Chevy SUV line-up, looking fierce on the road but tackling the highest dunes with ease. More importantly, it is ingrained in the motoring culture of the Middle East, with its rich history in the region.

The final member of the Chevrolet SUV family is the grandfather itself, the Suburban. It’s hardly a surprise given that it was way back in 1935, Chevrolet revolutionized the motoring industry with the introduction of the world’s first SUVand, 85 years on, this icon is still leading the pack. Now the industry’s longest running nameplate, the Suburban, proves that bigger is indeed better. If you are a driver seeking maximum passenger and cargo space, look no further.

As the first vehicle with its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the legend of the Suburban will continue with the 2021 model arriving in the Middle East in Q3 2020.

With such a diverse and versatile SUV line-up, Chevrolet truly offers an SUV for everyone.


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