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Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East Launches ‘Road to Mecca’ Ramadan Campaign

Luxury automotive brand showcases the journey of the soul as it focuses on Nabil Al Rostamani’s inspiring pilgrimage of discovery to Mecca in Saudi Arabia

On the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan, luxury automotive brand Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East has launched the ‘Road to Mecca’ – a four-part docuseries that ventures through 5000 years of heritage, history and the present day simultaneously. The campaign focuses on the journey of Nabil Al Rostamani, a successful commercial aviation pilot, and his journey of self-discovery as he leaves behind his pilot wings to retrace the historic pilgrimage routes by road, from the United Arab Emirates to Saudi Arabia.

The journey to Mecca is a pilgrimage which many faithful Muslims have embarked on for thousands of years during the Holy Month of Ramadan. It is a time of year in which we focus on the things that really matter: our families, our unshakable values, and our faith. As Muslims continue to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors, the Mercedes-Benz campaign aims to highlight how the historic journey to Mecca has been transformed by modern technology. A journey on the ground that once took months to complete, enriched with the exchange of goods, ideas, and traditions, can now be completed in the span of a few hours by air. While the pilgrimage itself remains sacred, the tradition, heritage and history associated with the ancient journey on the ground has faded away with to the onset of modern technology.

Speaking to the launch of the campaign, Krishan Bodhani, Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing of Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East, said: “Mercedes-Benz has held a long and proud heritage and history in the Middle East, and we are constantly working towards ensuring that we are a part of the continued development and growth of the region across all fronts – including its rich history and timeless traditions. It is with great pride that we embark on this journey to Mecca together, and we thank Nabil Al Rostamani for allowing us to be a part of his deeply personal experience.”

The four-part docuseries follows Nabil Al Rostamani – devoted father, adventure seeker, nature lover, and hero of this iconic journey. A successful commercial aviation pilot, Nabil’s career sees him take to the skies as he whizzes to different destinations. However, his fast-paced lifestyle means that he is always skipping past the world below without ever stopping or slowing down to enjoy the ride or the destination itself. Through the docuseries, audience members will gain the opportunity to come along Nabil’s journey to Mecca in a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, all while retracing the historic pilgrimage routes our ancestors charted in their travels. The innovative docuseries aims to allow audience members to immerse themselves in the exploration of time, tradition and the priceless values that have withstood the test of time. Viewers will be able to see first-hand how a long trip can prove to be just as cathartic as the destination itself.

Of his journey for the docuseries, Nabil Al Rostamani said: “When I was offered the opportunity to partner with Mercedes-Benz to travel to Mecca, I just couldn’t turn it down. Not only would I have the chance to relive the fond memories of the road trips I used to take with my father as a child, but I would also finally get to stop, slow down, and leave behind my pilot wings as I took the time to make the long road to Mecca in my G-Class. I am extremely grateful to Mercedes-Benz for the opportunity to be able to retrace my historic routes and allow me to share my journey of self-discovery with the world.”

The ‘Road to Mecca’ docuseries will air during the month of Ramadan. Viewers can enjoy the four-part docuseries that will air weekly throughout the course of Ramadan on our dedicated YouTube channel and MBC Shahid.


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