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Mercedes-Benz MBUX infotainment system.. the comfort at its ultimate

MBUX stands for Mercedes-Benz User Experience is the advanced multimedia infotainment (media and navigation) system that offers an array of exciting features to let you customize your drive. With the use of artificial intelligence, your vehicle learns your past behaviours to understand your preferences and offers suggestions. MBUX accommodates for more than one user and will remember the personal preferences for each profile.

With MBUX, you can use swiping gestures, pinch to zoom, and simple taps to make it user friendly. This personal infotainment system works through voice, touch, and even hand gestures. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

How Does Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) Work?

The MBUX system encompasses the trackpad on the console system, the touchscreen, and touchpad controller, and the brand new intelligent voice command. You can see all your applications on the screen and scroll using your fingers and even swipe using the touchpad controller.

Going into the phone section, you can access your contacts that automatically sync over from your smartphone and make a phone call. You can access navigation from the screen and even pinch to zoom in to specific areas. You can also access ambient lighting and change your colour selection to your mood.

You can even connect with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay® if you prefer. There is a built-in browser in the MBUX as well. Wireless charging and Wi-Fi hotspots are also offered on this system. You can also choose from several themes by customizing them or creating your own.

All-New Generation of Voice Control

The MBUX LINGUATRONIC Voice Control with Natural Language Understanding means speaking to your vehicle as you would a friend riding in your passenger seat. With an onboard and offboard system guaranteeing timely and appropriate responses, you easily say, “Hey Mercedes,” to activate voice control—no more buttons or specific commands. The system will adapt to your way of speaking and you can control in-vehicle components, like navigation

MBUX is Intuitive and Personal

The MBUX system does just that and learns your preferences. It remembers what you normally like and do, and will suggest it to you at that time. For instance, if you call your spouse after leaving work, the system will bring their number to the screen at the regular time. Or if you like to turn on the heated seats on cold mornings it will remember that and bring the option to the screen, making life so much simpler!

MBUX Interior Assist and Touch Control Concept

The MBUX Interior Assist is a new feature that has four display styles: Modern Classic, Sport, Progressive, and Discreet so you can choose based on your mood and preference. The Interior Assist can detect and interpret your particular hand gestures and movements and activate selected functions in seconds, making your driving experience simple and streamlined. Plus, this system can differentiate between the driver and the passenger! The Touch Control Concept can be controlled by single or multi-finger gestures as well as your handwriting. There is a touch control pad in the centre console and on the steering wheel.

Navigation with Augmented Reality... See the world differently.

MBUX offers the optional Augmented Reality Navigation. This system connects navigation with the real world, which means you will see live images of traffic with important navigation instructions overlaid presented on your widescreen display.


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