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Mercedes-Benz Zetros.. the reliable truck with no limits

Mercedes-Benz is presenting the latest generation of the Zetros, which is more powerful, more uncompromising and more versatile than ever before. Right down to the smallest of details, it's made for extreme conditions, be those on the road or in rough terrain to stand by the slogan: Trucks you can trust.

The Zetros is available at Nasser Bin Khaled (NBK) Automobiles, the Authorised General Distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Qatar.

Mercedes-Benz Zetros is the result of more than 120 years of experience and know-how. Manufactured in Wörth at the largest truck assembly plant in the world, this unique off-road truck stands for the excellent quality that is associated with the Made in Germany label.

Zetros was designed to deliver across the board. The latest Generation continues the Mercedes-Benz Legacy of outstanding quality and is more powerful and versatile than ever before. This range of trucks is extremely efficient, robust, and user friendly and is at home on any terrain.

The reliable truck can smoothly and swiftly switch between paved and non-paved surfaces even when transporting heavy loads. It can navigate extreme off-road conditions with ease, without compromising comfort or safety.

Wide range of use

Zetros can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios. Its broad choice of variants and configuration options make it suitable for logistics, construction, fire and rescue, mining and energy, as well as exploration and expeditions.

It is equipped with permanent all-wheel drive with mechanical differential locks, reinforced dampers, large spring travel and axle-load-adapted springs.

Highly efficient, highly effective

Zetros has been streamlined for efficiency. It boasts a high level of fuel economy and an innovative dual tank system helping to keep costs down and reduce time spent refueling. It is easy to load, and can transport either crew or cargo in line with your imperatives.

Developed with longevity front of mind, the result is a vehicle you can count on time and again under demanding conditions. It is designed to deliver outstanding performance on rough ground – even with low-quality fuel. From blistering cold to scorching heat, it stays the course in any weather.

Ease of operation and maintenance

Zetros is highly intuitive making it easy for drivers to unlock its full potential. To ensure it stays up and running, cleaning, maintenance and repairs are simple to carry out. It is distinguished with easy access to engine compartment without cab tilting, simple technologies and electronics in addition to resist interior materials and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Power terrain

Each component in Zetro’s engine has been designed for the most demanding of deployments. It delivers substantial horsepower and high torque. The engine’s cooling system has been engineered for high performance and extreme climate condition. It is equipped with inline 6-cylnder engine OM 460 LA, 12,872 ccm which follows Euro III & Euro V emissions standard that generates (Euro III 360*, 421 or 476 hp ) & ( Euro V* 460* or 510* hp) , generating maximum torque of 2300 Nm.

The engine is designed to consistently achieve excellent performance even with poor-quality fuel.

In terms of transmission, Zetros boasts continuous all-wheel drive with mechanical differential locks. The proven transmission design enables excellent directional stability and traction both on and off-road. Moreover, the differential locks prevent individual wheels from spinning on rough terrain.

Transfer Case

Zetros all-wheel drive variants (4x4 / 6x6) make use off permanent all wheel drive technology. This provides maximum traction under all conditions with the 100% differtial locks enables full traction on slippery ground and supports the driver as only diff locks to be operated in difficult situations.

Off-road capability

Zetros covers all the bases. It combines excellent on-road and off-road capabilities with comfort and robustness making this powerful and versatile truck a league of its own. The reinforced, ladder-type frame provides excellent strength and can transport substantial loads on all terrains. It has high torsional flexibility even when equipped with heavy bodies. The front of the frame is constructed to allow the truck to be lifted or towed with ease, and to enable quick and simple mounting of attachments.

The cast-steel planetary axles are extraordinary robust allowing high axle loads. Moreover, Zetros comes with a spare wheel of equal quality to the standard fitted to the vehicle ex-works. The spare is securely stored in a space-saving and easily accessible location.


The spacious steel cab was designed to help drivers complete long hauls and workdays as safely and comfortably as possible. To this end, the cab is equipped with a 3-point rubber mount, and seats are positioned behind the front axle. The cab allows easy exit because it is lower than on conventional trucks with ample leg room.

Controls and instruments are ergonomically positioned in line with tried-and-true Daimler standards, and will be instantly familiar to many drivers. The cab’s windshield extends down low, granting excellent view of the surroundings from the driver’s seat.

The multifunctional steering wheel is with adjustable height and tilt. the dashboard has large display with white backlighting.


Mercedes-Benz’s standard components are designed and built with durability front of mind. They have been tested the world over, and come with “Made in Germany’ quality. In addition, selected Zetros parts have been enhanced specifically to withstand extreme conditions and daily off-road stresses.


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