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Minister Al-Sulaiti Inaugurates Autonomous e-Mobility Forum

Minister of Transport H.E. Jassim Saif Ahmed Al-Sulaiti today inaugurated the Autonomous e-Mobility Forum. Running at the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) for two days, the Forum is hosted by the Ministry of Transport and organized by Just us & Otto Marketing Services, in collaboration with InStrat a Department of 4th Dimension.


The opening ceremony was attended by several ministers, high-profile state officials, and chairpersons of entities working in the transportation industry.


In his opening speech, Minister Al-Sulaiti stressed that Qatar, under the wise leadership of H.H. the Amir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, will continue developing coherent, sustainable, integrated, and ecofriendly transportation system in a fashion that enhances the country’s leading position on the world map of green and smart transportation, in addition to sharing its expertise in the field with the rest of the world through its real-life experiences of hosting major continental and international events, where transportation is a key success factor.


This vital and ecofriendly sector, he said, had successfully provided a safe and seamless mobility experience during the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023, where nearly 3.4 million fans were transported by buses and about 6.5 million fans used the Doha Metro and Lusail Tram. During the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, he added, around 18.2 million people were transported by the Doha Metro and Lusail Tram, and over 7 million passengers were transported by public buses.


On public bus electrification, the minister said the percentage of electrified public buses in Qatar reached 73% in Q1 of 2024 and the plan is right on track to reach 100% electric public bus fleet by 2030, placing Qatar among top countries worldwide in terms of achieving zero emission transition in transportation in step with Qatar National Environment and Climate Change Strategy.


He also announced that the Ministry of Transport will soon set up a center specialized in inspecting and testing how far EVs’ specifications conform and comply with those approved in Qatar, as well as releasing their certifications. This, he said, reinforces Qatar’s aspirations for becoming a major hub for EVs in the MENA region.


Supporting innovation and keeping up with global advancements in transportation, Minister Al-Sulaiti said that in the context of the ongoing effort to accomplish the 3rd Qatar National Development Strategy’s goals, which focus on harnessing advanced technology, and achieving sustainable development and economic diversification, toward achieving the vision of the wise leadership and the pillars of the QNV2030, the Ministry continues its efforts related to the Autonomous Vehicle Strategy by facilitating autonomous vehicles’ operations, managing their fleet, and ensuring operator and vehicle safety by establishing an AV fleet operations center and unlocking economic opportunities in the area.


Wrapping up his remarks, Minister Al-Sulaiti affirmed making every effort to enhance the transportation system, promote investment in the field, support other industries, and leave a legacy for generations to come.


The minister then inaugurated and toured the accompanying exhibition with several ministers and officials. They were briefed on some of the latest technology trends and innovations in driverless and e-mobility.


Minister Al-Sulaiti also accompanied other ministers on a real-life experience aboard the autonomous e-bus, which is equipped with sensors, high-definition cameras, laser sensors, and ultrasonic radar to ensure highest safety and security.


Day 1 of the Forum saw several panel discussions on numerous topics such as designing smart cities, empowering the acceleration of innovation in autonomous mobility, and balancing mobility, energy, and environment, in addition to introducing first eco-friendly trucks in Qatar.


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