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Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles launches a special offer on Mercedes-Benz Genuine Batteries

Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles, the authorized general distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Qatar, launched special offers on Mercedes-Benz genuine batteries, the most reliable and durable batteries.

Valid from 1st February until 31st March 2023 for all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, customers can benefit from special prices on the genuine batteries available at all Mercedes-Benz service centers.

Mercedes-Benz genuine batteries are manufactured to guarantee durability and optimal performance. This special offer is part of NBK Automobiles offers on After-Sales products and services, to help customers maintain their vehicles to the highest standards and secure peaceful and hassle-free driving.

Mercedes-Benz invests in developing the best batteries and spare parts for the complete model range. Mercedes-Benz genuine batteries have also proved their high performance and durability even in the harshest weather conditions.

Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles has built its success by establishing solid, longstanding relationships with its customers, and by offering a wide range of quality products. As a brand name, Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles is deeply associated with a history of premium quality service and market leadership. Established in 1957, Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles is Qatar’s exclusive distributor of three of the world’s most respected, iconic brands: Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG.


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