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NBK Automobiles launches the new Mercedes Benz GLC SUV in Qatar

NBK Automobiles launches the new Mercedes‑Benz GLC SUV in Qatar, with modern design and technology, sporty performance and efficiency

Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles, the general authorised distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Qatar proudly launched the new Mercedes‑Benz GLC SUV in Qatar. The vehicle is available now at NBK Automobiles showroom on Salwa Road.

The completely newly developed model series impresses with modern design and technology, sporty performance and efficiency as well as comfort and agility. Whether on- or off-road, the GLC is at home on any terrain. The new rear axle steering also makes it even more agile and dynamic. With all its features and equipment, the new GLC defends its top position in the Mercedes‑Benz passenger car portfolio: it has been the best-selling vehicle for more than two years.


The new GLC comes in two variants: the GLC 200 4MATIC is equipped with 1,999 CC engine, with a system output of up to 150 kW (204 hp) and a maximum torque of 520 Nm, and the acceleration from 0 to 100 km is 7.8 seconds. The GLC 300 4MATIC comes with 1,999 CC engine, with a system output of up to 190 KW (258 hp) and a maximum torque of 600 Nm, and the acceleration from 0 to 100 km is 6.2 sec.

Exterior and Design

The new GLC is immediately recognisable as a member of the Mercedes‑Benz SUV family. Different design and equipment lines lend the vehicle its very own character.

The vehicle is distinguished with its optional panorama sliding sunroof, allowing the passengers to experience an exciting feeling of freedom and enjoy a pleasantly bright ambience in the interior. When viewed from the outside, the generous sliding sunroof likewise makes a unique visual impression, as it lends lightness and exclusivity to the exterior.

The new two-section taillights feature a high-quality, three-dimensional full-LED light design. The practical two-section design allows for a wider tailgate as well as a larger load compartment opening. At the same time, the modern, slimmer light design conveys more dynamism even when the vehicle is stationary.

The combination of AIRMATIC air suspension and rear axle steering provides noticeably more ride comfort and agility. The air suspension fascinates with dynamics or comfort according to choose, while the rear axle steering enables supremely confident or agile handling and a smaller turning circle, depending on the speed.

Aluminium-look running boards with rubber studs

The newly designed and optional aluminium-look running boards reinforce the SUV character of the GLC. They are mounted at the height of the side skirts and facilitate entry. The running boards have a sporty "shaped" design, which means they are narrower in the area of the front doors and become wider towards the rear.

The new GLC is attractive from every perspective – but in a side view, the combination of sporty design and SUV details lends it a particularly expressive look. This is largely thanks to the extensive portfolio of large-dimension, externally flush light-alloy wheels ranging in size from 45.7 cm (18 inches) to 50.8 cm (20 inches).

The SUV front of the new GLC underscores the vehicle's sportiness with its radiator grille with chrome surround and vertical louvres as well as the directly adjoining headlights that emphasise the width. The centrally positioned Mercedes star is, of course, one of the familiar elements of the striking front end design.

Luxury and sporty improved Interior

The interior of the new GLC SUV sets standards. Be it the central display tilted towards the driver, the multifunction sports steering wheel or high-quality trim elements: high-quality materials ensure luxurious comfort that you can feel - on every journey.

The multifunction sports steering wheel in nappa leather has a flattened bottom section and deeply embossed grip area – excellent prerequisites for a sporty driving style. The high-quality, soft nappa leather is a quality experience in itself. Use the touch control panels to operate the most important vehicle functions without having to take your hands off the steering wheel.

The MBUX multimedia system with central display is tilted towards the driver and operated by touch. It is the digital interface between you and the vehicle, through which you control many important functions of the vehicle - intuitively and comfortably.

The luggage compartment capacity of the new GLC SUV comes with the EASY-PACK tailgate as standard. It is spacious, functional and equipped to a high standard. The new GLC becomes even more comfortable with the Boot Comfort Package as standard.

State of the art Technology

The optional head-up display shows you all the essential information directly on the windscreen, so your full attention remains on the road and the traffic. In the new Mercedes-Benz GLC, the head-up display it is now even bigger, precise and comfortable.

The central display is tilted towards the driver and operated by touch input. It is the digital interface between you and the vehicle, through which you control many important functions of the vehicle. It is as intuitive and comfortable as possible.

Your profile can be used to pre-activate certain personalised settings, such as the colour of the interior lighting or the seat position. KEYLESS-GO puts an end to irritating searches for the vehicle key. Your key will be recognised when you have it on your person while close to or inside your vehicle: all doors can then be opened and locked simply by touching the door handle.

GUARD 360° vehicle protection

URBAN GUARD vehicle protection Plus offers all-round monitoring of the vehicle's surroundings. Thanks to the anti-theft alarm system, as well as emergency key deactivation, you will be able to act quickly. On the road, the collision detection notifies you via the app. And the Stolen Vehicle Help service increases the chance of recovering your property if your vehicle is ever stolen.

PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side

With the PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side, if the new GLC detects an unavoidable side collision, PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side initiates measures to move the occupants towards the centre of the vehicle. This way, the vehicle will reduce the force exerted in the event of an accident.

With its continuously adjustable damping control on each individual wheel, AIRMATIC enables a particularly smooth ride. This will enable you to drive in outstanding comfort and arrive more relaxed at your destination. In addition, the air suspension can be raised by 15 mm if necessary and it automatically adjusts to different vehicle loads.

Dual-voltage 12/48-volt on-board electrical system

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC offers a dual-voltage 12/48-volt electrical system for vehicles powered by an internal-combustion engine. The additional 48-volt energy management as a step on the road to electrification generates efficiency, consumption and comfort benefits.

Off-Road drive program and Off-Road Cockpit

You can select the Off-Road drive program via DYNAMIC SELECT: traction, brake control and drive behavior are adapted to the driving situation. The off-road light of the headlamps is also activated if your new GLC has DIGITAL LIGHT.

At the mere touch of a button, the central display turns into an attractive off-road screen. Off-road-specific displays, settings and functions are vividly presented here and in the driver's display and can thus be experienced visually.

Optional Sysrems

MBUX Augmented Reality Navigation is optional in the new GLC. To enable you to find your way in complex traffic situations, MBUX Augmented Reality Navigation connects the virtual world with the real world. The technology incorporates graphic navigation instructions and traffic information into live images. You can reach your destination quickly, safely and stress-free.

The MBUX navigation system can take into account that the GLC is driving in trailer mode when calculating the route. The route is even calculated according to the type of trailer – bicycle carrier, small trailer and large trailer. For example, steep gradients or tight bends on the route are avoided to suit the car/trailer combination.

Parking Package with 360° camera: Detects available parking spaces and designated parking spaces as you drive past. After selecting a parking space, you can park in it effortlessly thanks to dynamic visualisation and acoustic feedback – or have the vehicle manoeuvre into the space with assisted parking.

Driving Assistance Plus Package: Offers maximum comfort & safety on the road to autonomous driving. You receive Active Stop-and-Go Assist, which takes the strain off you on motorways. Another advantage: PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side can provide additional protection inside collisions caused by other vehicles.

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC: You will be grateful for the convenience of Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC in flowing & stop-and-go traffic. It takes the strain off you by automatically adapting your own speed to that of slower-moving vehicles travelling ahead. The desired specified distance can be set at several levels.

ENERGIZING Package Plus: This package bundles together a variety of premium equipment with innovative intelligence. Your Mercedes can invigorate and indulge you in targeted ways – for prolonged alertness at the wheel and an extremely pleasant drive. With seven varied comfort programs and attractive extras such as multicontour seats.

DIGITAL LIGHT with projection function: The pioneering headlamp technology combines the familiar MULTIBEAM LED with innovative high-resolution lighting technology. Light projections in HD quality are projected directly onto the road

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