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NBK Automobiles Receives Recognition Certificates from HMC Ambulance Service

NBK Automobiles Receives Recognition Certificates from HMC Ambulance Service for its COVID-19 Pandemic Response Efforts

Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles, the authorized general distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Qatar, received two recognition certificates from Hamad Medical Corporation – Ambulance Service Group, recognising its valuable contribution and support during COVID-19 pandemic in Qatar. The two certificates were presented to the service and sales departments appreciating their effort.

Hamad Medical Corporation – Ambulance Service Group, uses Mercedes-Benz vehicles as their official ambulance vans due to their high capabilities, durability and reliability to execute the tasks in real time.

Since the start of COVID-19 in Qatar, Ambulance Service Group were highly involved in transferring patient and providing services. During these times, NBK Automobiles offered unwavering support to maintain the vehicles in real-time to keep them operating in the best way.

Reiterating its commitment in supporting the medical crews, NBK Automobiles provided the Ambulance group with Sprinter and Vito vehicles for their operations, for the period of four months without any charges.

During the Pandemic, NBK Automobiles established a field force mobile workshop and a temporary service center in the HMC facility in Al Khor. The temporary center was used to service the vehicles at their premises. To secure the spare parts needed, NBK Automobiles took a quick response to store all the vehicle parts in a store outside the main store in the industrial area, which was under lockdown. This helped the company to respond quickly to the maintenance needs of the Ambulances and make them run to serve the community.

In addition, NBK Automobiles workshops extended their working hours to cope with the increasing demands, while the field forces were available to provide quick support on sites.


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