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NBK Automobiles signs a deal to supply HBK Contracting with Mercedes-Benz Actros Heads

Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles, the authorized general distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Qatar, signed a deal to supply HBK Contracting company with Mercedes-Benz Actros heads. The agreement aims to upgrade the HBK Contracting company fleet of trucks and meet the increasing demands of its projects.

HE Sheikh Faleh Bin Nawaf Al Thani, Operations Director, Auto, at Nasser Bin Khaled Holding said: “NBK Automobiles continues to supply Qatari companies with Mercedes-Benz trusted and quality trucks to meet the requirements of their business and operations in Qatar. This is part of our responsibility to contribute in the development of various projects and infrastructure, especially to those related to FIFA 2022. NBK Automobiles is a main supporter to all companies that endeavor to enhance their fleets with the best trucks ever”.

Mr. Ihab El Feky, chief operations officer – Auto, at Nasser Bin Khaled Group said: “Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks are the best in the world, thanks to their high capabilities, sustainability and safety standards. We are glad to sign this agreement with HBK Contracting, one of the major national companies in Qatar, and are sure that Actors trucks will provide comprehensive solutions to their future projects in our country”.

Boasting decades of experience, the Actros has become the most frequently sold truck in the region. High reliability and low total cost of ownership coupled with impressive durability – these are the characteristics that traditionally define Mercedes-Benz trucks. It's what they are known for, and the reason they are so highly regarded and coveted across the globe. The Actros impresses with their highly sophisticated powertrain, comfortable cabs and a vast range of models tailored to individual markets.

Thanks to a broad product offering, it meets the needs of long-distance haulage as well as heavy-duty short-radius transport and distribution haulage. Highly efficient, reliable and durable, this truck boasts many benefits.

Raid Hasan Zyoud, Operations manager at HBK Contracting commented on this agreement: “HBK Contracting is pleased to sign this agreement with one of the most prominent companies in Qatar to support our company’s fleet with the best trucks that are the best solution to our operations. Considering the increasing demands of our business, the Mercedes-Benz Actros is the ideal fit to continue our successful journey and regularly update our fleet with reliable vehicles and trucks”.

HBK Contracting was founded in 1970 and is one of the major construction companies in Qatar. HBK contracting executes many giant projects in Qatar, contributing in the national economy progress. The company has executed giant projects for the public and private sectors, maintaining its position at the top of the construction companies at all times.

Mohammed Arab Oghli, Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager at NBK Automobiles stated: “Signing this agreement with HBK Contracting is a source of proud to us. We are committed to supply the Qatari companies with the best trucks which assist them execute their projects with cost effective and less time-consuming way. The commercial vehicles at NBK Automobiles have wide range of options and products that effectively contributes in the comprehensive development plan in Qatar”.

Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles, the authorized general distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Qatar has built its success by establishing solid, longstanding relationships with its customers, and by offering a wide range of quality products. As a brand name, Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles is deeply associated with a history of premium quality service and market leadership. Established in 1957, Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles is Qatar’s exclusive distributor of three of the world’s most respected, iconic brands: Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Maybach.


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