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Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co. celebrates Qatari rally champion Adel Abdulla

Winner of Manateq Qatar International Rally 2019

Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co., the exclusive agent of Nissan in Qatar, welcomed the international Qatari rally champ Adel Hussein Abdulla, winner of Manateq Qatar International Rally 2019, who won the first place on his Nissan Patrol.

Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co. Nissan Qatar is the main sponsor of the Qatari champion since 2016, helping him accomplish a series of achievements - local and international competitions - on his favorite vehicle, Nissan Patrol, the Hero of All Terrain.

Hisham Saleh Al Mana, Chairman and Managing Director of Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co, said: “We would like to extend our warm congratulations to the Qatari champion Adel Hussein Abdulla for winning the first place and attaining the trophy of Manateq Qatar International Rally 2019 (Baja Qatar). This win demonstrates the high skills of our Qatari drivers and the exceptional capabilities of the Nissan Patrol. On this occasion, we reiterate our commitment to support and sponsor Qatari heroes who bring pride to Qatar at international events. We present this prestigious trophy to the people of Qatar and promise them more international achievements in the future. We again thank our champ Adel for his great effort and dedication in winning such a prestigious title.”

Adel Hussein Abdulla, Manateq Qatar International Rally 2019 Champion stated: “This is a very important title for me, and it adds great value to my existing achievements, as I overcame some of the best drivers in the world. Special thanks and appreciation to my sponsor and supporters, especially Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co. and Nissan Qatar who have been supporting me since 2016 to help me accomplish this achievement. Our relationship is built on trust and vision. Following our first place win in 2016 and second-place wins in 2017 and 2018, we are now at the top. Sponsors play a major role in my success, as playing this kind of sport is expensive, and couldn’t have been done without their support”.

Praising the capabilities and durability of Nissan Patrol, the vehicle he drives in his local and international competitions, Adel Abdulla said: “For me, choosing to drive Nissan Patrol is fundamental. I have special admiration and a strong relationship with Nissan, especially the Patrol Safari, which I have been driving since 2016. Nissan is the Hero of All Terrain, and this vehicle has proved that many times. At the World Rally Championship, we cross terrain with sand, mud, rocks, ponds and rivers. We are not allowed to substitute any of the spare parts or modify the vehicle. Despite that, Nissan proved the capabilities of the Patrol and accomplished great trophies both locally and internationally”.

Adel Abdulla was first in the fifth round and second in the final round with 14 teams of prominent drivers from Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Russia, Spain, and Italy participating. Abdulla won the trophy of the rally collecting a total of 95 points and securing the first place, surpassing the second place by 73 points. 

“The trophy is very important to me, and this competition is an added value to my list of achievements and has proved that we are in a good position, both locally and internationally,” added Abdulla.

Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co., the exclusive agent of Nissan in Qatar, have been supporting and sponsoring the Qatari rally champ Adel Hussein Abdulla since 2016, and he has been driving the Nissan Patrol since then.  The winner of Manateq Qatar International Rally 2019 won the first place on his Nissan Patrol, the vehicle which conquered all the terrains.

The Patrol and Patrol Super Safari are a series of four-wheel drive vehicles manufactured by Nissan. The slogan of Patrol is “'Hero of All Terrain', thanks to its high performance, durability and capability to tackle all challenges and weather conditions.

The Nissan Patrol has always had a reputation for being one of the most durable, reliable and capable off-road cars in the market. Since its launch, the Patrol became a benchmark in its category and drew its own line.


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