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Step into the future as TheArsenale opens fourth location, at the heart of Qatar’s creative hub.

Picture an intertwined world of ingenious innovation, astonishing art, and cutting-edge design; TheArsenale has arrived in Doha Design District.

As a global leader in avant-garde mobility design, TheArsenale just inaugurated its first Middle Eastern location, right in a vibrant, creative hub, contributing massively to the region’s futuristic vision. Already an established name in distinguished locations like the Design District of Miami, the City of Dreams in Macau, New York, and an online marketplace, TheArsenale is renowned for its collaboration with the pioneers of design and independent builders, curating a diverse array of technological and design advancements in mobility.

TheArsenale’s presence in the Doha Design District is not merely about location—it’s a matter of shared ethos. It’s a masterful fusion of exceptional craftsmanship, revolutionary design, and pioneering ideas which resonates deeply with the cultural values that Qatar holds dear. It’s a monumental step towards transforming the heart of Qatar’s capital city into an exemplary model for sustainable urban living, revolving around innovation and cultural heritage preservation.

The Doha Design District has established itself as a critical catalyst for economic growth, attracting an assortment of local and international businesses. With the arrival of TheArsenale, this dynamic and innovative community reaffirms its position as a global symbol of creativity, innovation, and exquisite design. It’s more than just a design district—it’s a space where mutual inspiration flourishes among those passionate about art and design.

The Future Of Mobility is Now.

TheArsenale Mobility Lab in the Doha Design District not only showcases cutting-edge and groundbreaking designs but also serves as an advocate for the importance of innovative mobility solutions in securing a prosperous future for generations to come. In a rapidly changing global landscape, where urbanization, sustainability, and technological advancements are at the forefront of challenges facing society, the innovative designs showcased by TheArsenale are set to revolutionize the notion of transportation. TheArsenale Mobility Lab in the Doha Design District displays incredible feats of mobility, from flying cars and motorcycles to electric snow bikes, and sailboats with foldable designs, art, gear, apparel, and books.

TA Institute: A Series of Design Talks with Creative Visionaries.

Set to host creative events throughout the year, TheArsenale launches a series of conversations to bring together some of the most influential and innovative minds in the world of design and mobility. The TA Institute aims to foster a deeper understanding of the design industry while providing insights for designers, enthusiasts, and the public alike. French designer Ora Ito was the first invited to conference around the theme of design and mobility.

TheArsenale Mobility Lab is not just a gallery; it’s an invitation to explore the endless possibilities of human creativity.

Whether you’re an art connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates beauty in all its forms, this new location promises an unforgettable experience and shift of minds.

« We are more than grateful by the opportunity to introduce TheArsenale to the visionary city of Doha. TheArsenale has always been a testament to the fusion of art, innovation, and futuristic mindset. With Qatar, we share a passion for excellence, creativity, and pushing boundaries. »

Patrice Meignan, CEO & founder of TheArsenale.


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