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The All-New INFINITI QX60: Take on Life In Style

More often than not, the car you drive is seen as a means of taking you from one point to another. However, that is not it. The car you drive is a major reason for how you feel about the pace and quality of your life. If what you drive slows you down, you’ve not found your perfect on-road partner yet. On the flip side, if your car knows the art of inspiration, you’re perfectly paired.

You definitely want to go with the latter - after all, your car’s a space you spend a lot of time in and hence it plays an important part in shaping your life journey. Now, if you believe that you’re at your best when you move through life with confidence, INFINITI QX60 might be the one you are best paired with.

Here’s how.

Designed to inspire:

Not amused by the standard run-of-the-mill SUV designs? INFINITI QX60 is a fresh take on aesthetics that SUVs have been trying to fit into for many years now. Exemplifying harmony through design, the new three-seat SUV offering of the brand is graced with athletic proportions and delicate detailing for a bold, stand-out look that redefines SUV aesthetics.

The already stunning exteriors are further accentuated by an origami-inspired front grille and tranquil straight lines indicative of an intelligent blend of poise and strength. From the headlights to the wraparound glass, the overall look of the SUV is inspirational, confident, giving you positive energy through and through.

Let there be light and power:

Driving in the night? Be the guiding light for others on the road with the distinctive piano key headlights and taillights that make you stand out, day or night. Get to own the road as your drive with the digital headlamps and fill in the cabin space with a subtle illumination of the panoramic moonroof and never be in the dark again.

The main element that makes the SUV stand out is the fact that it has the busy lives of today as a central theme. Complementing the mix of work, family, and community life, QX60 prepares you to take on whatever life presents, all with unmatched elegance and composure.

The inside space:

Interiors of the new QX60 are equally compelling making it all the more a better choice as excellence is what it chooses over habit. It is designed to fit up to seven adults comfortably and within a welcoming space.

The cargo space, the soft leather seats, and the exquisite door trim – all of this means that you and the other occupants never feel out of the home. Getting in and out is seamless with the one-touch fingertip control on the second-row captain’s chairs that allow a smooth slide of the chair forward to access the third-row seats. Fewer people and more cargo? QX60 got you covered there as well. Enjoy the freedom that comes with flexible seating – the space that need, whenever you need it.

Go for it, now!

If that is not all, the new QX60 weaves together luxury and life seamlessly together with its innovative automotive features and offerings that make it one of the best-in-class SUVs.

Whether it's onboard connectivity, driving performance, or driver assistance safety technology, INFINITI IQ Technologies in the all-new QX60 will keep you safe and protected. Overall, it gives you the power to take on life, with style and confidence.

For more information or to drive one home, contact your nearest INFINITI of Arabian Automobiles center.


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