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The Ferrari Approved Certification: Maximum Security and Peace of Mind

At the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello, Italy and across the world at the authorised dealerships, a heritage of excellence is maintained through the Ferrari Approved Certification. This application of the highest possible standards allows the Prancing Horse team to deliver the best possible customer experience for Ferrari owners.

The Approved pre-owned certification programme reflects the marque’s unrivalled standards through an intricate inspection process that guarantees the ultimate satisfaction for the programme’s customers. Pristine Ferrari vehicles that were once completely out of reach to many have become that little bit more accessible. But before these pre-owned vehicles are made available to the public, they have to undergo a rigorous process comprising a series of wide-ranging checks and numerous guarantees that have been approved by the parent company.

To ensure that any pre-owned Ferrari is operating at standards comparable to a brand-new vehicle, the local Ferrari dealership starts by implementing a detailed technical inspection of each and every car. This is carried out by a team of highly skilled Ferrari technicians who have undergone extensive training at Maranello in Northern Italy, the home of Ferrari.

One of their very first tasks is to verify the origin and maintenance history of these vehicles to ensure they have been properly taken care of and have no major accidents in their service history. These technicians painstakingly prepare both the exterior and interior of each car to ensure that every aspect of the vehicle is in top condition, a fastidious process which enables them to provide a guarantee for the cars of up to 24 months.

If you are wondering how thorough these inspections are, all in all a total of 190 individual checks are carried out before a used Ferrari may be bestowed with an Approved “license”. This detailed examination includes a mechanical operation test as well as a test on the operation of the electrical system. Liquid levels are also carefully examined, as are the state of the suspension, brakes, cooling system and steering system. These are but a handful of the primary checks implemented on all vehicles.

On top of these, secondary checks are carried out on air conditioning, the dashboard and all safety systems. Operation of lights, wheels and tires (including tread depth and pressure) are yet more examples of the car’s functional capabilities that are carefully inspected. All of this takes place in compliance with Ferrari standards of safety, performance and reliability.

Once these checks have been completed, seasoned testers put the car through its paces to ensure it is functioning at 100 percent. Thanks to these detailed inspections, all those who purchase a pre-owned vehicle from an authorised Ferrari dealership will receive a written analysis of all of the tests performed. The transparent nature of the history of Ferrari Approved models ensures every item of information is verified, and anyone purchasing a Ferrari Approved car will enjoy the benefits of a Ferrari warranty as well, which covers the parts and labour for major repairs.

Another benefit of a Ferrari Approved car is that it has an unlimited mileage warranty, except for parts subject to routine maintenance such as brake pads & disks, tyres and other normal wear and tear.

With such a comprehensive certification programme being applied, the Ferrari Approved pre-owned initiative guarantees the quality of all vehicles being sold as well as the support required to ensure a positive experience for all owners.


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