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The Lynk & Co O1 Louder Pro.. a new era of automotive excellence, advanced technology, and exceptional performance

The Lynk & Co O1 Louder Pro embodies a new era of automotive excellence, where premium is not just an option, but the standard. From its striking design to its advanced technology and exceptional performance, the Lunk & Co 01 redefines what it means to drive in style and premium.

The Lynk & Co O1 Louder Pro and other line up of cars are available at Auto Class Cars, the authorized general distributor of Lynk and Co in Qatar, at its showroom on Salwa Road. New buyers can leverage several benefits including 5 years warranty and 5 years free service.


Exterior: urban chic

The Lynk & Co O1 Louder Pro represents the global aesthetics with personality. It is designed on the concept of Re-evolution of Mega-city Contrast leading the urban trend.

The creative modeling of the grill is inspired by the crossing urban roads at night where the traffic flows 24 hours. The High-performance LED headlights are ingeniously integrated into the grill, split from the “Aurora Borealis” Daytime Runing lights, showing the beauty of Mega-city contrast.

The energy cube LED Lights consist of a group of 3D crystals with a strong sense of transparency. When the brake lights are on, the crystals appear to be filled with energy, showing the spirit and vigor of open urbanities. Its Dynamic balanced rear design, the carved-like modeling with exposed dual exhaust pipes endows the vehicle body with vitality.

Premium Interior

The Lynk & Co 2.0 interior design language adopts 12.3-in. and 12.8-in. smart screens to create a new premium high-tech cockpit.

The features in the interior speak about the car. A Steering Wheel with 4-way Manual Adjustment, genuine leather Steering Wheel Material, LED Ambient Light, Dual Zone Automatic A/C, ISRVM (Inside Rear-view Mirror) - Auto Dimming, Integrated Sporty Seats Driver Seat Adjustment with 12-way Power Adjustment (involving 4-way Lumbar Support), Passenger Seat Adjustment, Driver Seat with Ventilation and Memory Functions, Front Seats with Heated Function, Sliding Front Armrest, 60:40 Fold Down Rear Seats, Rear Center Armrest with 2 Integrated Cupholders, genuine leather Seat Material.


The LYNK & CO 01 Louder Pro is equipped with a 2 L Turbo engine of 4 Cylinders and 218 horespower generating a maximum torque of 325 N/m. The transmission is 8 Speed Automatic, the fuel economy is 14.9 KM/L. The smooth gear shifting without bumping outputs robust power at low gears while consuming less fuel at high gears. The gear shifting can smartly adjust to the driver's habit and adapt to complex conditions.

Intelligent Driving Assistance System

The LYNK & CO 01 Louder Pro integrates 20 advanced driving assistance functions, ensuring your safety at all times.

These include Blind Spot Sensor, Alarm System, Lane Departure Warning, Stability Control Traction Control, Brake Assist, Hill Assist System and much more.

The Traffic Jam Assistance actively keeps the vehicle in lane at the speed of 0-60 km/h, and controls the accelerator and the brake to intelligently adjust the traveling speed and direction of the vehicle.

The Emergency Lane Keeping Assistance intervenes when the vehicle deviates towards the curb or obstacle, to help the vehicle approach the predetermined driving lane again.

The Highway Assistant system intelligently monitors the vehicle and the marking lines to keep the vehicle cruising automatically in the middle of the lane at a high speed.

In addition, the Air-purifying Cabin effectively protects the driver and occupants from contamination outside the vehicle vis a filter for air conditioner, AQS (Air Quality System), and active cabin cleaning system.

Renovate Travel Experience with Advanced Technology

The Lynk & Co 2.0 Infotainment System Enriches Your Driving Experience. The Intelligent Connectivity seamlessly connect with the world equipped with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. It allows easy access to music, navigation, and other applications anytime and anywhere.

The On-board computer with 8x performance amplification from two chips of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A enables smoother interaction.

The Futuristic HMI Interface high-frequency interface is simple and neat, making the operation easier and more efficient.

Other technology features include USB Connection, CD, AUX, Bluetooth, Premium Sound System, Wireless Charging Pad, and 10 Harman Infinity Speakers.


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