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Bentley Motors is releasing a new film today capturing the Flying Spur – hailed the best luxury sedan in the word – effortlessly and comfortably taking on the natural and historical beauty of the Middle East’s unexplored hidden gem, AlUla of Saudi Arabia.

Bentley is continually attempting to explore the unknown, by pushing the boundaries and creating extraordinary moments and journeys, which champion peak experiences, unique moments of transcendency, supreme authenticity, and new levels of appreciation for the world around us.

As part of a wider collaboration between Bentley Motors and the Royal Commission for AlUla, the Bentley team took the Flying Spur, alongside Bentley’s luxury SUV, the Bentayga, into the heart of the Arabian Kingdom for an exclusive drive experience for guests. The journey took them through an untouched expanse, showcasing the region’s rich and layered past.

From a place of exceptional geological and archaeological value for adventurers; to a resting place for weary travellers across centuries, the world’s largest living museum manages to capture the hearts and minds of all those who pass through and take in its cultural treasures – and Bentley was no exception.

Bentley took the luxury sedan on a journey surrounding some of the most well-known and recognised sites in AlUla, including Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the iconic Elephant Rock, along with the ultra modern entertainment venue Maraya. The journey showcased the Flying Spur’s performance and masterful technology on off-road routes and gravel tracks, through mountains and canyons – to discover new landscapes.

Commenting on the experience, Firas Kandalaft, Marketing and Communications Manager of MEAI, said: “Taking the Bentley Flying Spur on a journey around this beautiful undiscovered landscape was an extraordinary experience. The performance of the car set against these powerful and dramatic backdrops has made for some beautiful content and was a magnificent experience for our brand. Bringing the vehicle on a journey here, before the AlUla Moments festivals and events get underway this December was an incredible privilege.”

Located 1,100km from Riyadh in north-west Saudi Arabia, AlUla is a place of extraordinary historic value – with a vast area, including lush oasis valleys, towering sandstone mountains and ancient cultural heritage sites, that date back thousands of years.

The Flying Spur V8 was launched in the Middle East region earlier this year, writing a new chapter in the history of Bentley’s four-door Grand Tourer and building on the success of the previous generation’s models.

The Flying Spur V8, now available as an alternative to the iconic W12 model, offers a more driver-centric experience via increased agility and a more characterful engine note; masterfully balancing functionality and craftsmanship, with supreme comfort and cutting-edge technology.


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