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Skyline Automotive launches the New Geely Coolray in Qatar

Skyline Automotive, a Jaidah Group, the official distributor for Geely cars in Qatar, has launched the new Geely Coolray, a popular model born under a new generation B-Segment Modular Architecture (BMA).

With its young and fashionable exterior design and excellent powertrain performance, Coolray has been gaining popularity among motorists in Qatar since its May 2020 debut.

Now, the new Geely Coolray is positioned as an ‘Intelligent SUV’ with upgrades in design, powertrain, technology and safety, and is expected to reignite consumers' enthusiasm.

To freshen up and elevate the exterior design, Geely adopted a more flamboyant ‘Energy Burst’ design concept for the new Coolray, which features the latest generation ‘Energy Storm’ front face design – the blacked Robust Air Inlets with red accents, making the car more aggressive, dazzling, and eye-catching. The LED headlights look sharp and shine like night stars when switched on. The 18-inch tomahawk-style wheel with red sports calipers represents the speed and passion of the racing track. The large rear spoiler with the exclusive S logo enhances the vehicle’s sense of sportiness while optimizing aerodynamic performance.

The new Coolray boasts the segment’s only exclusive Lavender color that has a dynamic color-changing finish. The calm grey and mysterious purple base brings to life the romantic, pearlescent, and avant-garde Lavender color.

The ‘Energy Awakening’ design concept runs through to the interior. Geely also boasts a powerful and sporty cockpit that can instantly stimulate the desire to drive. The contrasting design of gray-black and red-black gives the static cockpit a strong sense of stylish and sporty visual flow. The flowing integrated double screens – a 10.25-inch LCD instrument cluster and a 12.3-inch infotainment display – deliver an immersive visual experience,a strong sense of technology and a refreshing sensory experience. The car is equipped with suede multifunctional sports seats, a premium leather multifunctional steering wheel, 72-color ambient lighting, and sporty electronic gear shifter.

The new Coolray also includes an incredibly powerful and efficient new generation of Leishen 1.5 turbo direct injection engine, which enables the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 7.6 seconds, with a combined fuel consumption of just 5.8 L/100km. Working together with a new generation of 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, which is derived from the Leishen Power, the new Coolray achieves higher efficiency, better NVH performance, and higher handling precision.

Specially designed for urban working conditions and supported by the new powertrain, the new Coolray provides users with leading dynamic performance and lives up to its ‘Intelligent SUV’ claim. In addition to the traditional ECO, COMFORT and SPORT modes, the vehicle has a new ADAPTIVE mode that recognizes driving habits and road conditions, and actively adjusts the powertrain to provide a better driving experience.

In terms of technological configuration, the new Coolray is equipped with L2 Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). In addition to its Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) system, and Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) technologies, it also has an Automatic Parking Assist (APA) system with 12 radars on its front and rear to provide an all-around parking assist function. Users can just press one button to park easily with three parking options. The new Coolray also has more user-friendly and convenient features that ensure the driver and passengers an easy and enjoyable mobility experience, including 15W fast wireless charging, automatic air conditioning, rear air outlet and an electric tailgate.

And when it comes to driving safety, the new Coolray is equipped with a 540° HD Panoramic Image System, giving drivers full information about the environment around and under the car. It assists drivers when parking and helps them successfully navigate sharp turns when driving. It also has a 4-way DVR system, 6 airbags and a high-strength cage body structure for optimum driver and passenger safety.

Commenting on the amazing upgrades and new function additions, Samer Al Saleh Sales and Marketing Director at Jaidah Group, said “The New Geely Coolray is a perfect example of Geely's mission to create a mobility experience that exceeds expectations. The Leishen powertrain platform gave birth to the new Coolray’s all-new powertrain that has a highly efficient and powerful 1.5 turbo direct injection engine while the BMA chassis has been tuned by world-class race car engineers from Lotus. The new Coolray is a game-changer in the SUV B segment, and we are thrilled to be able to bring this vehicle to the Qatari market. The Geely Coolray is not just a car; it is a lifestyle choice that enables drivers to unleash their inner drive and ignites their journey with style.”


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