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As a shade of green, Verde Ermes is completely unabashed. It sits at the summit of boldness and confidence, while remaining elegant, classy, and remarkably tasteful. Inside, the monochromatic balance adds to the overall effect.

Green means growth, stability, and nature. Green means “go”. But this is no ordinary green hue. This Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost is resplendent in a beguiling Verde Ermes, with a black Double Coachline drawing the eye toward the Dark Chrome Spirit of Ecstasy.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Abu Dhabi is proud to have such a dazzling commission. It is an astonishing example of the daring, post-opulent spirit that was borne from Black Badge Ghost.

Within the interior, the Arctic White leather features seem incandescent, starkly opposing the primarily Black interior. That sheer contrast is emblematic of the uncompromising nature of Black Badge Ghost. Rebellious, subversive, pure, the unique colourway reflects the essence of the marque.

Emblematic of all that is possible with Bespoke craft design, Verde Ermes is an entirely unique autograph pigment. From the darkest, atomised black, to this abundant, vivacious green, Rolls-Royce embraces its new identity as a House of Luxury, providing inexhaustible opportunities for every client.


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